Forthcoming Articles

Geografie vol. 122

2017/4 (due to be published in December 2017)

ALBA Richard, FONER Nancy: How Successful is Immigrant Group Integration in the United States and Western Europe?  A Comparative Review and Analysis

DÜVELL Franck: ‘Voice’ or ‘exit’? From the streets of Syria to the borders of the EU

GÓRNY Agata: Eastwards EU enlargements and migration transition in Central and Eastern Europe

İÇDUYGU Ahmet, USTUBICI Aysen, ARAL İzem, AYAR Balacan: Legitimising settlement of refugees: unpacking humanitarianism from a comparative perspective

ČERMÁKOVÁ Dita, LEONTIYEVA Yana: “I don’t mind migrants; it’s migration that bothers me”. Are attitudes towards migrants as individuals always in line with attitudes towards migration as a phenomenon?

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