Konference o tématu stárnutí v Bratislavě

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V Bratislavě se bude koncem června konat konference pro všechny geografy, kteří se zabývají sociodemografickými problémy a tématem stárnutí. Z anonce vybíráme:

Whiile ageing of the populaon is an inevitable part of most countries in the Global North, the queson should perhaps be not how to slow it down, but how to make sociees, communies, and individuals cope with it or respond to it appropriately. The goal of the Conference is to shedlight on specific contexts of ageing and old age in social sciences and humanies to enlarge and deepen our understanding of the ageing process in all its diversity. We are inving parcipants to share ideas, experience, and progress in all aspects of ageing. Since in the Slovak academic environment ageing connues to be a rare topic, we welcome the opportunity to meet our fellows from various disciplines. We will meet to listen, exchange ideas, and enjoy a socializing atmosphere with individuals who are focusing their research acvies in the field of the ageing process. We cordially welcome researchers at any stage of their academic careers (PhD students as well as experienced scholars) to present their ideas in the form of a presentaon or a poster.

Specific topics include, but are not confined to:

  • Methods in ageing research;
  • Ethics in ageing research;
  • Old age and ageing in academic discourse;
  • Ageing and space (private and public, urban and rural);
  • Ageing and solitude;
  • Ageing and social network maintenance;
  • Ageing and violence;
  • Ageing, poverty, and social exclusion;
  • (Auto)biographical research: the role of narraves (giving voice perspecve) in the area of ageing research;
  • Gendered ageing;
  • Different contexts of ageism (the workplace, health care, media, community, family etc.).

Více informací, termíny a registraci najdete na stránce konference .

Registrace je otevřena do 15.3. 2018


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