European Countryside


Vyšlo 1. číslo 10 ročníku mezinárodního časopisu European Countryside.

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Doležal, Petr / Konečná, Jana / Karásek, Petr / Podhrázská, Jana / Pochop, Michal
Water Retention in a Small Agricultural Catchment and its Potential Improvement by Design of Water Reservoirs – A Case Study of the Bílý Potok Catchment (Czechia)
Stjernström, Olof / Pettersson, Örjan / Karlsson, Svante
How Can Sweden Deal with Forest Management and Municipal Planning in the System of Ongoing Land-Use and Multilevel Planning?
Musolino, Dario / Crea, Vincenzo / Marcianò, Claudio
Being Excellent Entrepreneurs in Highly Marginal Areas: The Case of the Agri-Food Sector in the Province of Reggio Calabria
Galluzzo, Nicola
A Non-Parametric Analysis of Technical Efficiency in Bulgarian Farms Using the FADN Dataset
Honvári, Patrícia / Kukorelli, Irén Szörényiné
Examining the Renewable Energy Investments in Hungarian Rural Settlements: The Gained Local Benefits and the Aspects of Local Community Involvement
Patkós, Csaba
Specialities in the Institutionalisation of Hungarian Leader Local Action Groups
Navarro, Francisco / Labianca, Marilena / Cejudo, Eugenio / de Rubertis, Stefano / Salento, Angelo / Maroto, Juan Carlos / Belliggiano, Angelo
Interpretations of Innovation in Rural Development. The Cases of Leader Projects in Lecce (Italy) and Granada (Spain) in 2007–2013 Period
Stonawská, Kateřina / Vaishar, Antonín
Differentiation and Typology of the Moravian Countryside
Kumar, Danila Zuljan
Identity Changes in the Slovenian and Friulian Linguistic Communities in the Province of Udine, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy
Kurz, Peter
Between Smallholder Traditions and “Ecological Modernisation” – Agricultural Transformation, Landscape Change and the Cap in Austria 1995–2015


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