Petr Dostál: Multi-Speed European Union

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This book provides analyses of differences in public opinion regarding European integration processes across the twenty-seven countries of the current European Union. Explanatory statistical modelling used in complementary analyses of the book contributes to specific and systematic understanding of public opinion regarding crucial European integration processes: deepening, enlargement and differentiated integration. The analyses suggest that the European Union has still to come to terms with the increased diversity resulting from the last enlargements. Political macro-geography of public opinion regarding European integration processes documents the existence of multi-speed Europe. The author postulates explanatory models concerning national and European identities and opinion on deepening, enlargement and two-speed institutional development of the European Union. The book provides evidence about various ambivalent issues and public opinion responses which are likely to be at the focus of political and academic debates in the coming years.

16 x 23 cm, 128 s., váz., ISBN 978-80-904521-6-9, 1. vydání, 2010


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