Petr Dostál: Risks of a Stalemate in the European Union


Petr Dostál: Risks of a Stalemate in the European Union: A Macro-Geography of Public Opinion

This book presents complementary studies of differences in public opinion regarding European integration processes. The May 2004 enlargement brought ten new member countries into the European Union and the macro-geography of identities and associated articulations of public opinion, across the twenty-five polities, changed significantly. The author uses the statistical tools of principal component analysis and standardised multivariate regression analysis (LISREL modelling) to examene differences in public opinion among the twenty-five polities of the enlarged European Union. The analyses of public opinion are based upon postulated explanatory models concerning, in particular, processes of integration, including the deepening, enlargement and two-speed institutional development of the European Union. The book provides a comprehensive reflection concerning public opinion differences that will shape the European Union for years to come.

16 x 23 cm, 160 s., váz., ISBN 978-80-904521-5-2, 1. vydání, 2010



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