Instructions for authors

For the peer-review process, the editorial board accepts original scientific articles with a geographical focus and the articles from related fields overlapping with geography that have not yet been published and are not simultaneously offered for publication in any other journal. Overview articles are only accepted if they discuss the approaches in the research into a certain geographical subdiscipline, contributing to the development of a given field of study.

The manuscript of the contributions in Czech, Slovak and English is submitted by the author in the electronic form (Word). The manuscript must be complete, delivered along with a list of literature, figures, captions for figures, an English abstract (130–160 words) and a summary (500–1,000 words, including captions for charts). The articles must be submitted in impeccable English, but still the editorial board reserves for itself the right to have the language of the texts revised.

The size of a complete manuscript is maximally 8,000 words, including addenda.

The list of literature must be ordered alphabetically, according to the author’s surname. Bibliographic citations must correspond with the following models.

Citation from a journal: SJÖBERG, O. (2014): Cases onto themselves? Theory and research on ex-socialist urban environments. Geografie, 119, 4, 299–319.

Citatation of a book: GREGORY, K., J. (2000): The changing nature of physical geography. Arnold, London.

Citation of a book chapter: MARCOU, G. (1993): New tendencies of local government development in Europe. In: Bennet, R. J. (ed.): Local government in the new Europe. Belhaven Press, London, New York, 51–66.

Citation from Internet: MANDELMAN, A. (2012): Wet Prairie: People, Land, and Water in Agricultural Manitoba, http://www.h-net.org/reviews/showrev.php?id=37027 (1. 1. 2016).

It is necessary to use the geographical names of all countries, including the geographical name of our country, i.e. Czechia (the Czech Republic is the political name).

All manuscripts undergo a reviewing process. The reviewers are anonymous and the editorial board does not send their reports to the authors. The author recieves the result ot the peer-review process, the report on whether the article was refused or what are the comments on it (demands for specific adaptations).

Acknowledgments to a grant agency will only be published after a financial contribution of 7,000 crowns is sent to the publisher’s account. The fee of 2,000–4,000 crowns is paid for the printing of coloured charts.

The manuscripts are sent by e-mail to the address vit.jancak@natur.cuni.cz.

The editorial board does not accept manuscripts that do not correspond to the described instructions.


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